Friday, July 1, 2016


funny how things happen. I stumbled across this old online journal (aka blog no one reads). actually it was the post from January 2015 in particular that happened to show up. written just days before I got "the call" telling me that I had used all of my allowable "light duty" time and my employer would eventually force me out of my job.

it's easy to get lost in the IDEA of my amazing, unplanned flight career BUT the reality is there had started to be many more negatives than positives in my mind. reading this reminded me more of the REALITY of my sometimes amazing, mostly routine transport position. this post reminds me that I had gotten to a point where I wanted out - I guess it's the stubborn side of me that immediately upon having that decision made FOR me decided that I had the best job ever and there's no way I'd ever change!!

Now, here I am - a small business owner with TWO fledgling businesses taking off. the ability to work when and where I want and the freedom to be the person I want to be. so here's a good reminder that while I wasn't in control of the final decision, i eventually got what I wanted all along!!

on to great adventures now!