Sunday, May 20, 2012


and so here I sit, amongst both empty and packed boxes and what do I choose to do but pull out my laptop and start blogging again. i really am excited to move to our new house but there's just something about packing all this stuff and moving again that i can't get motivated to do. i've probably moved twenty times or more in my lifetime and always done it on my own, but never, ever to a house of my own. 

this time is different. this time i have a wonderful, helpful husband and we're moving into our own dream home... why is it so hard THIS time to do this? i've got pinterest board after pinterest board of decorating and design ideas for the new house, i just don't want the trouble of moving everything down there. can't i just win the lottery so we can afford to start from scratch? i want to just drive down there, walk in the door and start painting and hanging items on the walls. i suppose i'm living in a dream world but there's gotta be a way to make this work.

i need to sign off this damn computer and get some packing done! we close in 9 days and i'm almost done here. maybe i need to invite some of my OCD friends over for some wine and appetizers and have a packing party! well, that's another dream since this place is so dirty right now i'm embarassed to have anyone over! so i guess i'm on my own (with hubby's help when he's home of course) to get this done and get my new life started in our fantastic new house! 

i'm still going to buy a lottery ticket and keep my fingers crossed...

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